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The Clean Advantage

Reduce emissions, boost resistance to vibration and corrosion damage, and experience peace of mind with Clean Emissions products.

Every Clean Emissions Products Inc. catalyst is manufactured to the highest standards and uses the highest grade raw materials. This results in emission control technology that is considered industry leading and is approved by engine/equipment manufacturers and government agencies around the world.

Catalyst Loading and Performance

Our catalyst coating is a unique formulation for Clean Emissions Products Inc. and our catalyst loading per product is 20-50% greater in gram weight than our competitors, resulting in a greater and more consistent reduction of emissions.

Our catalysts are also source tested and verified with industry leading reductions of CO (99.5 %), HC (90%), DPM (88% Oxidation Formulation, 95% DPF/CFC), and NOx (30-40% Oxidation Formulation and 99% NSCR Formulation).


Product Availability

Stock items are shipped within approximately 1 hour of order receipt, and can be delivered anywhere in North America before 8am next day (including Saturdays), compared to the competition that generally ship between 3-5 business days after order is placed.

Through our extensive worldwide network of sales and shipping offices located in Australia, Germany, Peru, Mexico, South Africa and India, Clean Emissions can ship any stock item internationally via next day delivery.

Custom design catalysts can be designed and manufactured within 2 – 3 weeks, compared to competition lead-times of 6-8 weeks.


Backpressure and Engine Warranties

In addition to our catalyst being approved for use on all engine packages at the OEM and government levels, you will find that our industry leading pressure drop of < 3” does not decrease your fuel efficiency or contribute to any premature engine wear.


Lifespan and Warranty

On Road / Off Road Mobile Equipment = 3-5 years (or 8,000 to 12,000 engine hours).

Stationary Engines = 15 years for standby stationary applications (maximum 500 hours annually) and 5 years for prime stationary applications (maximum 1500 hours annually).

All products carry industry leading warranty of 2 years or 1,000 engine hours, whichever comes first.


Experience the Clean Advantage today!